Biomimetic Actuator/Sensor

Inspired by nature, we mimic structures and systems of living species at the multiscales. Highly ordered structures of cell are reconstituted in vitro by polymerizing cytoskeletal filaments at the environments where the mechanical, chemical or electrical conditions are similar to those in vivo. Tissue organization is replicated by culturing cells with specific patterns on a soft substrate with the physiologically-relevant stiffness. The principles learned from the biomimicry are applied to design engineering devices. Applications include an in vitro platform to test efficacy/toxicity of drugs, bio-inspired robots, and biosensors.

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Analysis of dynamic behavior of cytoskeletal proteins induced by motion of motor proteins

Movie of the contractile assay of actomyosin system

Movie of the movement of actin protein induced by the force generated by myosin protein (motor protein)

Movie of the sliding assay of actomyosin system

Fabrication of artificial cells

Movie of the fabrication of artificial cells in microfluidic chip